Cynthia prima suis miserum me cepit ocellis,
contactum nullis ante cupidinibus.
tum mihi constantis deiecit lumina fastus
et caput impositis pressit Amor pedibus,
donec me docuit Castas odisse puellas
improbus, et nullo vivere consilio.
et mihi iam toto furor hic non deficit anno,
cum tamen adversos cogor habere deos.
Milanion nullos fugiendo, Tulle, labores
saevitiam durae contudit Iasidos.
nam modo Partheniis amens errabat in antris,
ibat et hirsutas ille videre feras;
ille etiam Hylaei percussus vulnere rami
saucius Arcadiis rupibus ingemuit.
ergo velocem potuit domuisse puellam:
tantum in amore preces et bene facta valent.
in me tardus Amor non ullas cogitat artis,
nec nec meminit notas, ut prius, ire vias.
at vos, deductae quibus est fallacia lunae
et labor in magicis sacra piare focis,
en agedum dominae mentem convertite nostrae,
et facite illa meo palleat ore magis!
tunc ego crediderim vobis et sidera et amnis
posse Cytaeines ducere carminibus.
et vos, qui sero lapsum revocatis, amici,
quaerite non sani pectoris auxilia.
fortiter et ferrum saevos patiemur et ignis,
sit modo libertas quae velit ira loqui.
ferte per extremas gentis et ferte per undas,
qua non ulla meum femina norit iter:
vos remanete, quibus facili deus annuit aure,
sitis et in tuto semper amore pares.
in me nostra Venus noctes exercet amaras,
et nullo vacuus tempore defit Amor.
hoc, moneo, vitate malum: sua quemque moretur
cura, neque neque assueto mutet amore locum.
quod si quis monitis tardas adverterit auris,
heu referet quanto verba dolore mea!

Cynthia's eyes first took me, poor unfortunate captive, previously affected by no passion :
then did Love cast down my resolute, disdainful eyes, and set foot on my neck : till in time he taught me, desperate power! to despise chaste maidens, and to live recklessly.
Even now, my present mad pursuit flags not after a whole year, though I am forced to have the gods opposed to me.
Milanion, Tullus, by shrinking from no toils, broke down the stubborn cruelty of the daughter of Iasus :
for once he roamed of yore crazed with love, amid the caves of Parthenius, and tracked the steps of shaggy wild beasts :
stricken too by the club of Hylaeus, he groaned, in pain, among Arcadian rocks.
Therefore was he able to tame the swift-footed damsel.
Such is the force of prayers and good deeds in love.
In me slow-witted Love devises no plans, and forgets to travel, as before, in the beaten paths.
Come ye, that are skilled in bringing the moon down from the sky, and whose dread work it is to solemnize sacred rites with magic fire, come and turn the heart of my mistress, and make her more pale than myself.
Then I may believe you able to draw down the stars, and turn the course of rivers by Cytaean spells.
And you, my friends, who attempt too late to cry me back who am already fallen, find some help for my wounded heart.
I will bear the knife and torturing cautery unflinchingly : let me but have liberty to speak what my anger wills.
Carry me to end of the world, or over the seas, whither no woman can know my track.
Remain ye, to whom the gods lend a willing ear, and may ye meet with kindred feelings, and your love fear no danger.
Me my Venus torments with bitter nights, and Love at no time grants me a respite. Avoid, I warn you, this woe ;
let each hold to his own beloved one, and let no one abandon his wonted love.
But, if any one shall be slow to heed my warnings, alas! with how great grief will he remember my words!